Vidussi, Ribolla Gialla Spumante Brut NV, Friuli, Italy


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We discovered this wine at a trade tasting, and had no knowledge of it before. Suffice to say, we wanted it immediately. Really taut and naturally high in acidity, it's mouthwatering and fresh. Bright citrus flavours with an almost creamy texture. Very impressive fizz with a touch of class. Highly recommended for a more premium sparkling wine than most mass market Prosecco, but without the budget needed for Champagne or Franciacorta.

Ribolla Gialla is one of the in-fashion grapes in Italy right now. The Italians are enjoying it's classiness as the rest of the world drinks Prosecco. A wonderful grape variety that makes excellent still and sparkling wines. We see it's future is bright in the international markets. 

Producer: Vidussi

Country: Italy

Region: Friuli

Grapes: Ribolla Gialla 100%

Alcohol: 12.0%

Status: Vegan