Vachnadziani, 'Saperavi Classical', Khaketi, Georgia


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Georgian wine is slowly coming into the mainstream, and while it is exciting, the sheer amount of different styles of ancient Georgian wine can make it difficult to navigate. This wine however, is a straight forward dry red and delicious. It's made from Saperavi grapes, the most widely used native red grape which makes up the bulk of Georgia's red wine production. It's the best place to start when venturing into Georgian wine.

A full bodied red with a punch, berries and toasty aromas on the nose with a smoky and ripe flavour. Earthy, plummy, and good finesse. Absolutely brilliant with grilled pork, red meats or a BBQ. The wine is from the semi-mountainous area of Khaketi, the most well known quality wine growing region in Georgia.

Producer: Vachnadziani

Country: Georgia

Region: Khaketi

Grapes: Saperavi 100%

Alcohol: 14.5%

Status: None