The Liberator, 'The Francophile', Syrah, 2018, Stellenbosch, South Africa


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An excellent value for money Stellenbosch Shiraz with all the good robust fruity, smoky, spicy structure you would expect. Very nice indeed and good fun!

Beyond the periphery of South Africa’s conventional vineyard regions lie great vinous treasures, resigned to anonymity; forgotten, abandoned or just simply undiscovered. It is the mission of Rick, our intrepid Cape Crusader, to seek out and liberate these rare wines, consigning them to the table of the most inquisitive and discerning imbiber. 

'The Liberator' is a concept based around Richard, or Rick, as he is known, utilising and 'libertaing' excellent parcels of fruit which growers were selling off for blends in big brands. He is finding these parcels and making them into distinct, modern, and lively wines which show the true quality of their source.

Producer: The Liberator

Country: South Africa

Region: Stellenbosch

Grapes: Shiraz 100%

Alcohol: 14.0%

Vintage: 2018

Status: Vegan