The Fledge & Co., 'Jikken Bareru' Riesling, 2017, Elgin, South Africa


A purposefully dry Riesling which is soft, elegant, flinty and vibrant. Fantastic full flavoured experience and effortlessly balanced. Notes of lychee, apple peel, wet stone, and a zip of pine forest. A very accomplished and versatile dry Riesling. Perfect with East Asian cusines, duck, grilled seafood, or charcuterie.

Allowed skin contact, cold fermented with a Champagne yeast & bottled with a light filtration immediately upon completing fermentation. Only 1200 bottles produced.

The Fledge & Company is what happens when two folk don’t quite enjoy the status quo, when it’s your nature to go against the grain, when you need to forge a path mostly in the unknown, eschewing common place convention and taking that first defiant flight from the nest. 

Producer: The Fledge & Co.

Country: South Africa

Region: Elgin

Grapes: Riesling 100%

Alcohol: 12.5%

Vintage: 2017

Status: None