Teliani, Glekhuri Kisiskhevi, Saperavi 'Qvevri', 2019, Kisiskhevi, Georgia


This is a premium Saperavi wine from Georgia, showing you just how good their wines really can be. Even though domestically Georgians tend to prefer a sweeter style of red, the top wineries are making high class dry reds which appeal more to the international markets. This is an exemplary wine of the region.

Kisiskhevi is a superb terroir within the wider premium Kakheti region, particularly for Saperavi. The best grapes are selected for fermentation in Qvevri (large clay amphora which are buried into the ground, a very unique and ancient practice), resulting in a deep coloured and structured wine that is still remarkably approachable due to its vibrant primary fruit and roasted nut aromas.

Teliani is an old winery dating back to the 1800s and they have survived various incursions into Georgia, including the Soviet invasion of the 1920s. They still produce a lot of wine for the Russians – it's Georgia's main wine export market – but they are astute enough to not want this to be the sum of what they do, and are self-aware enough to imagine what could be possible in the modern era in mature markets like the UK, USA, and wider Europe. With wines like these in their arsenal, the world is their oyster.

Producer: Teliani

Country: Georgia

Region: Kisiskhevi

Grapes: Saperavi 100%

Alcohol: 13.0%

Vintage: 2019

Status: None