Spice Route, 'Pinotage', 2018, Swartland, South Africa


If you thought Pinotage was one dimensional and clumsy... think again. This wine has the potential to bring Pinotage into a new light for people. Very well constructed and balanced. Ripe, spicy, full of life, jam packed with chocolate and dark fruit notes. It's not a full blown fruit-fest and actually retains some softness and stony elegance with lighter alcohol and balance. A great bottle which will certainly be a talking point. 

Charles Back was a pioneer in the Swartland when he started Spice Route in 1998. “Without [Charles]…the Swartland would still be regarded as a rural backwater” wrote Tim Atkin. Today, the region is the source of many of South Africa’s outstanding wines, yet Spice Route remains one of the best and most credible producers in the region, due largely to the fact that they own their own vineyards.

Producer: Spice Route

Country: South Africa

Region: Swartland

Grapes: Pinotage 100%

Alcohol: 12.0%

Vintage: 2018

Status: Vegan