Solms Delta, 'Hiervandaan' 2015, Franschhoek, South Africa


This wine is on the stronger side of medium bodied, full of flavour and character. Elegantly made by a young wine making team under the ownership pf Professor Mark Solms (a renowned Neuroscientist), the wine exudes warming spices, berries, cherry, and energy. A touch of oak influence. Firm structure, a little crunchy, and juicy, yet balanced.

Hiervandaan – The wine is a classic Rhône blend, which incorporates Shraz, Grenache, Carignan, Mourvèdre and the skins of Viognier. ‘Hiervandaan’ (meaning ‘from this place’).

This old farm, Soms Delta, dating back to 1690, is a compelling place to visit. Not just for its wines, but for the sense of history it evokes in its museum; telling the story of human interaction on the estate from long before the colonists arrived, through the dark periods of slavery and apartheid, and onto a hopefully more positive post-Mandela South Africa.

Producer: Solms Delta

Country: South Africa

Region: Franschhoek

Grapes: Shiraz 40%, Grenache 35%, Carignan 19%, Viognier 5%, Mourvèdre 1%

Alcohol: 13.5%

Vintage: 2015

Status: None