Segal, 'Levant', 2017, Judean Hills, Israel


Argaman is a grape variety created in Israel from a cross of Souzao and Carignan. Deep in colour with easy appeal and juicy dark berry fruit, it is easy to see why consultant Alberto Antonini compares it to Malbec. So worth a try for anyone who likes Malbec or full bodied earthy reds. This medium bodied wine has red fruit, spice and Mediterranean herbs aromas, with a touch of oak. This is surprisingly good!

Alberto Antonini is an Italian consultant who discovered this small winery and started to help them build in 2017 recognizing potential. He arrived soon after the new head winemaker, Ido Lewinsohn, was appointed. Ido studied winemaking at the University of Milan, and has worked at the great Italian institution of Sassicaia and in wineries in the Rhône and in Australia. Segal is a winery with a bright future and is improving with every vintage.

Producer: Segal

Country: Israel

Region: Judean Hills

Grapes: Argaman 100%

Alcohol: 12.0%

Vintage: 2017

Status: Vegan, Sustainable Practice, KOSHER Approved