Sea of Dreams, 2019, Navarra DO, Spain


A wonderfully fun and modern Navarra red wine. On the nose, clove, black fruit, followed by soft cherry and ripe fruit aromas. The palate is very soft, full-bodied and powerful, with a long, balanced and nice aftertaste. Ideal for cured ham, stew and meat dishes.

Fermentation in concrete, and aged in 500 litre oak casks. Unfiltered.

A wine made by a partmership between the importer and Viña Zorzal, a highly respected producer in the Navarra region with a focus on Grenache. Grapes are from a north facing vineyard in Corral de Los Altos planted in 1978. As Xabi explains: ‘We get the grapes from rocky soil, on the top of a high plateau where the northerly “cierzo” wind plays a key role adding an edge to the wine.’

Producer: Project wine (Viña Zorzal)

Country: Spain

Region: Navarra

Grapes: Grenache 100%

Alcohol: 13.5%

Vintage: 2019

Status: Vegan, Organic practice