All About Shiraz - Thursday 25th February 2021 (e-Ticket)


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This is a tasting focusing on Shiraz: it's history, genetics, and unique characteristics. We look at 6 different wines from around the world to show different styles, how it changes in different climates, and new developments. This will be a great tasting for those who love Shiraz, or red wine in general.

Each ticket is for 1 person - one set of 6 quality samples and notes.

The session will be approx. 90 minutes

7:30 - 9:00 PM

6 different quality wines (in sample bottles)

Presented by Oli Di Meo

Samples and notes will be sent to you in advance of the event, including the log on details.

(Please note, we can only take attendee addresses in the UK Mainland due to the requirement for quick and cost effective delivery of the samples before the event)