Pheasant's Tears, 'Saperavi', 2018, Khaketi, Georgia


A bold, earthy, dry red with flavours of blackcurrant and toasted almond with an elegant, natural tannic structure. As it has been fermented in the traditional clay Qvevri, this is a native style to Georgia, so it is unfiltered with complex earthy aromas and a long finish. Excellent with roast meats and grilled pork dishes.

Enjoy with food. Pickles, charcuterie, cheeses, breads, and grilled Pork all work really nicely. The Georgians often have dry reds with grilled meats, onions, and pickles wrapped in flat breads.

Pheasant's Tears are a top end producer founded in 2007 to revive traditional Georgian winemaking methods. Their main site is near the village of Tibaani in the shadow of a 6th century monastery in the Khaketi region. There is even a resturant at this winery site and they ferment and age all their wines in the traditional clay Qvevri amphora.

Producer: Pheasant's Tears

Country: Georgia

Region: Khaketi

Grapes: Saperavi 100%

Alcohol: 13.0%

Vintage: 2018

Status: Organic