Château Oumsiyat, Merlot, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon


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Oumsiyat is our first foray into Lebanese wine. There will be more coming soon!

Wines has been made in the Levant region for thousands of years. Despite the difficulties in the region in the modern era, a quality focused and brave wine industry does flourish in the Lebanon. The winemakers you find there are determined, knowledgeable, passionate, and proud. They have to overcome more obstacles than most other regions of the world. 

This wine is a great example of modern Lebanese wines, which are usually made from classic French varieties like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Carignan. This 100% Merlot is robust, plummy, rounded and full of flavour. A hint of chocolate and vanilla on the finish. At 15%, it's pretty big. Lebanese red wine tends to be powerful and forward.

Château Oumsiyat has been established by 4 generations in winemaking, the Bou Sleiman family, who are very attached to local values. They respect the Lebanese tradition of wine making and strive for constant qualitative improvement of its wines. Oumsiyat noble wine is made mainly with grapes from vineyards cradled in a beautiful farm, situated at an average altitude of 1000 meters to 1300 meters.

Producer: Château Oumsiyat

Country: Lebanon

Region: Mount Lebanon

Grapes: Merlot 100%

Alcohol: 15.0%

Status: Vegan