Nachbil, 'Feteasca Neagra', 2017, Crisana & Maramures, Romania


This is serious Romanian wine making. A certain challenger to more established modern regions, this wine makes you think about the ancient tradition of quality wine making in the Black Sea region. 

Feteasca Neagra (pronounced feh-te-yas-ka Ney-ah-gra and meaning ‘black maiden’) is the country’s flagship red grape. This wine is deep, complex, and not far off a Rhône Syrah in it's flavour profile. Wild, plummy, cherry aromas with a warmth of spice and menthol on the palate. Very approachable, surprising, fresh, and sumptuous. 

Nachbil is located in Beltiug in the North-Western Transylvania region of Romania where they organically farm 23 ha of vineyard in excellent climactic conditions. The 300 year old wine cellar sits next to a new wine making facility, where all grapes are processed. Since 2010, the vines have been tended without herbicide, pesticide and mineral fertilizers, and this minimal intervention approach is continued in the winery where they avoid additives such as cultured yeast and enzymes or other technical interventions. The only ingredient used in wine production at Nachbil is grapes. 

Producer: Nachbil

Country: Romania

Region: Crisana & Maramures

Grapes: Feteasca Neagra 100%

Alcohol: 13.0%

Vintage: 2017

Status: Vegan, Organic, Sustainable Practice