Meinklang, 'Frizzante Prosa', 2019, Burgenland, Austria


This is Austrian modernity. Super cool and so so refreshing! And closed with a beer bottle cap to keep the hipsters happy. It's a super light and slightly sparkling Rose wine. It's dry, yet fruity and moreish. Cherry, pomegranate red fruit flavours with an almost strawberries and cream aroma. It's the perfect summery aperitif and would go with fruit desserts, cakes, charcuterie...

The inspiring Mitchlits family own and run this model biodynamic 2,000 hectare estate in the Burgenland region of Austria that fully captures the essence of the holistic philosophy that is so much a central core of biodynamism. The estate has herds of cows roaming free and providing organic dung (hence the label). The family are also meticulous fruit and grain growers and can also claim to have started the first holistic Demeter certified brewery where they craft ancient grain beer from old varieties of wheat. Dedicated & driven, the family stand out from the crowd.

Producer: Meinklang

Country: Austria

Region: Burgenland

Grapes: Zweigelt 50%, Pinot Noir 20%, St. Laurent 10%, Blaufrakisch 10%

Alcohol: 10.5%

Vintage: 2019

Status: Vegan, Organic, Biodynamic Practice, Low Sulpuhr