Macià Batle, 'Tinto 1856', 2016, Mallorca DO, Spain


When people think of Mallorca, they often associate the island with holiday sun, sand, coastal resorts, restaurants, and idyllic blue waters. Well, inland, there's a burgeoning wine culture. Typically they are powerful, fruit driven reds, with vibrance. 

This wine is an interesting blend. Native Manto Negro is typically very fruity, vibrant, and better enjoyed young. The addition of Cabernet and Merlot here gives structure, backbone, and a rounded palate. It's a big robust red, with levels of complexity and touches of chocolate, coffee, and savoury oaky flavours.

Macia Batle were founded in 1856, so have had many years to hone their skills to produce archetypal Mallorcan wines such as this. Mallorca’s second largest producer, Macia Batle is also responsible for some of the island's most interesting and rewarding wines. They have 50 hectares of estate vineyards, where they source local varieties, like Manto Negra, supplemented by a little Cabernet and Chardonnay. 

Sommelier Wine Awards 2019 - Gold Medal

Producer: Macià Batle

Country: Spain

Region: Mallorca

Grapes: Manto Negro 40%, Cabernet Sauvignon 23%, Merlot 22%

Alcohol: 14.0%

Vintage: 2016

Status: Vegan