L'Intruse, 'Chardonnay', 2018, Vin de Pays, Loire, France


This is a rare concept wine: a declassified Sancerre, Loire area Chardonnay. Wonderfully clean, citrus style Chardonnay, nice texture with stone fruit aromas. Quite light and not oaky at all. Elegant and very appealing. A classy and refined Chardonnay from a cooler climate which is a great food partner.

Basically, this wine is from a Chardonnay plot in the Sancerre appellation in the Loire which was supposed to be for premium sparkling wine production... but it never happened. Eventually a team of winemakers took over the site and decided to have a go at making a still Chardonnay away from the appellation laws. This is French garage wine making at its bravest and best!

There's not much around, so we have secured a small amount of what's in the UK. Only around 1,700 bottles were made.

Producer: Consortium Project

Country: France

Region: Loire

Grapes: Chardonnay 100%

Alcohol: 12.5%

Vintage: 2018

Status: None