Wii Gonzalo Gonzalo, 'Gran Cerdo Blanco', Rioja DOCa, 2019, Rioja, Spain


Pale in colour with clean, fresh, lemony, green apple flavours and aromas, with touches of butter and creaminess on the palate. No oaky clunkiness here, and quite bright and fresh in style. Modern white rioja from a boutique source - whole bunch ferment, no filtration, natural, and with minimal sulphur use. Often hailed as the best value natural wine on the market, this wine certainly punches above its weight.

Wii Gonzalo Gonzalo was born in Logroño, Spain and grew up among the vineyards that her parents cultivated in Fuenmayor. After her studies her father became very ill from agrochemicals, and decided she would take on the vineyard and go chemical free. The banks rejected a loan to help the conversion but friends and family stepped in!

The back label reads “Gran Cerdo is a great wine dedicated to the bank executives that denied loans to us on the basis that wine is not a seizable asset. One day, these greasy and sweaty corporate suits will find that the best things in life cannot be impounded. Thanks to our friends help, we were finally able to bottle this wine. Now you can enjoy it with pasta or ham.”

Producer: Wii Gonzalo Gonzalo

Country: Spain

Region: Rioja

Grapes: Viura, Field Blend

Alcohol: 12.5%

Vintage: 2019

Status: Vegan, Organic practice