Furnace Projects, 'Chiff Chaff' Red, 2018, Herefordshire, England


A light red wine made from the best Regent grapes the Estate produces, this is a young and lively red wine which has been seasoned in oak barrels for just under a year. It has a lovely rich profile of soft red and black cherries, damsons, plums and autumnal fruits. Fresh and versatile!

Beth Derbyshire is a visual artist who has delivered a wide range of large art projects over the past 20 years. Her turn in the wine business came later in life, courtesy of her father: Beth’s father was a Herefordshire cider farmer who decided to plant a vineyard in the early 1980’s. For years the grapes were grown and sold but no wine was ever made. It wasn’t until Beth’s father passed away that fate took its course.

Producer: Furnace Projects

Country: England

Region: Herefordshire

Grapes: Regent 100%

Alcohol: 12.0%

Vintage: 2018

Status: Organic practice