Fossil Vale de Capucha, 'Branco', Torres Vedras, Portugal


A lovely rich and refined Portuguese red which isn't as brash or jammy as some can be due to the hot climate. This wine is from a slightly cooler area with a coastal influence, and it shows. Medium body, refreshing, and good fruity aromas. Dry finish with lovely savoury and herbal hints.

Vineyards are in the Lisboa region, just 9 km inland from the Atlantic, now led by the winemaker Pedro Marques. Although his family have farmed in the area for generations, Pedro replanted the vineyards in 2000 with native Portuguese varietals which are better suited to the climate and soils. Pedro is fully committed to working organically, despite the challenges of a cool maritime climate. He is certified by SATIVA. He uses permanent, wild cover crops.

Producer: Fossil Vale de Capucha

Country: Portugal

Region: Lisboa

Grapes: Gouveio, Fernão Pires, Arinto

Alcohol: 13.0%

Status: Vegan. Organic