Fabrizio Vella, 'Bianco Organico', Catarratto, 2019, Sicilia IGP, Italy

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A light and refreshing white wine from Sicily. Despite only being 12% and light bodied, it has flavour and texture. Citrus fruit, lemony zest, and almost blossom like aromas followed by a crisp, dry, almost tropical finish. Very versatile and modern in style.

Please note: This is a natural and organic white wine and so there may be a little sediment as it's made using low filtration (to achieve more complex flavours). This is normal, and it's best to let it settle for a bit before opening!

Fabrizio Vella is a passionate winemaker living and working in Sicily. Proud of the island that he calls home he wanted to create a wine range that was personal to him, that reflected where he was from. Working with indigenous varieties of Cattaratto and Nero d’Avola he conjured four wines using an organic approach and careful winemaking to create wines that are fresh, exciting, moreish and true to their origin. A Sicilian wine through and through.

Producer: Fabrizio Vella

Country: Italy

Region: Sicily

Grapes: Catarratto 100%

Alcohol: 12.0%

Vintage: 2019

Status: Vegan, Organic