Viña Echeverria, 'Pinot Noir Gran Reserva', 2017, Casablanca Valley, Chile


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Elegant and fruity Pinot Noir. Light, good red fruit aromas, cherries, and a touch of mocha and chocolate on the finish. Round and soft. It's a very good Pinot in the fruity Chilean style and is prefect for those preferring a lighter-bodied red choice.

75% of the wine is oak aged so there is a touch of nutty vanilla on the finish, and this rounds out the style. There's a little more complexity here than the usual Chilean Pinot. This wine is highly awarded and is a great example of high quality Chilean Pinot at a sensible price.

The Echeverría family came to Chile in the 1750s, from a little town called Amezqueta in the Basque region of Spain. Today Viña Echeverría is still a family-owned and managed estate winery, and its vineyards and house occupy the same location as they did nearly 100 years ago. Since 1979 it's been mainly run by a father and son team, with the whole family involved in the business.

Producer: Viña Echeverria

Country: Chile

Region: Casablanca Valley

Grapes: Pinot Noir 100%

Alcohol: 13.5%

Vintage: 2017

Status: Vegan