J. F. Arriezu, Verdejo, 2019, Rueda DO, Spain

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An exuberant wine, both big and bold in look and flavour. Towards a Sauvignon Blanc on the nose, it also has powerful, fleshy flavours of gooseberry and green apple on the palate. Outstanding depth of flavour.

Founded by José Féliz Arriezu, whose family were originally in wine, close to Rioja and Navarra. After studying, in 2013 he moved to buy his own estate ‘La Sombria’, where his pre-phylloxera Verdejo shows its ultimate expression. A producer growing in recognition.

Producer: J. F. Arriezu

Country: Spain

Region: Rueda

Grapes: Verdejo 100%

Alcohol: 13.5%

Vintage: 2019

Status: Vegan, Organic