Araldica, 'Piemonte Cortese', 2018, Piemonte, Italy


A very light, refreshing, citrusy, flinty, soft white wine made from the grapes that make the more expensive Gavi wines, but sourced from a wider area and thus a lower price. If you like soft, light Italian white wines then this is a must try.

Araldica are one of the largest co-operatives in northern Italy and focus on producing high grade reasonably priced wines from quality growers across the region. They mostly promote wines from native varietals and regions, aiming to deliver a true Italian wine experience at a sensible price point. Many of their wines are responsibly farmed and vegan friendly.

Producer: Alasia

Country: Italy

Region: Piemonte

Grapes: Cortese 100%

Alcohol: 12.0%

Status: Vegan