Alpha Box & Dice, 'Dead Winemaker's Society', Dolcetto, 2016, Adelaide Hills, Australia


Delicious leafy aromas on this light bodied red wine. Gentle, bitter, and earthy. A really fantastic example of focused modern and restrained Australian winemaking and the growing movement of planting Italian varieties in premium Australian sites. This is something everyone should try!

Great with antipasti, tomato based foods, duck, turkey, or a BBQ.

A modern, cutting-edge collection of wines from the passionate trio of Dylan and Justin Fairweather and winemaker Sam Berketa. AB&D was founded in McLaren Vale in 2008 and is unconventional in its approach; there are no ‘regional, varietal or stylistic’ boundaries, just great wines from great fruit. Dead Winemakers Society is a homage to those visionary individuals that carved their path in the wine industry before us. They were the crazy ones.

Producer: Alpha Box & Dice

Country: Australia

Region: Adelaide Hills

Grapes: Dolcetto 100%

Alcohol: 12.5%

Vintage: 2016

Status: None