Tasting Scheme

The Tasting Scheme is unique to Vina Loca.
We offer up 25 different wines a month from our range for you to select and we'll deliver them on your next purchase order*
How does it work?
When you buy wines with us, you get points. You can use these points to redeem samples at the checkout area of our online store and we will send you your requested samples (which come in 50ml bottles) on your next delivery.
The more you shop with us, the more points you earn, the more wines you can try!
The advantages? You can try a load of different wines for no extra cost and can bravely venture into grapes unknown.
We send tasting notes with every sample, and you can find more info on our social media channels, blogs, and website posts.
*We only deliver samples with an order that has purchase value. Samples cannot be sent by themselves without a purchase due to delivery restrictions.