Georgia at first seems like an odd place for wine making, but in fact, alongside Armenia, it is arguably the oldest organised wine region in the world. Wine has been made in the Caucasus for longer than humans have had written records... we're talking thousands of years here.

Georgia is not only ancient, but very different to other places. They use different techniques like 'Qvevri', where the wine is fermented in a huge buried clay amphora. The country embraces natural, or 'orange', wines, sweet reds, and use a lot of native varietals which go back thousands of years. It is truly a wonder to visit, and only now are we starting to see their wines being enjoyed outside the Caucasus. For most of the 20th century, Georgia was the designated wine producing area for the Soviet Union (Stalin was actually Georgian!).

It's a good idea to start with the medium dry reds, which we have below, as they are the closest to the styles of wines we drink in the UK!